Monday, October 15, 2012

Chik'n Parm Sandwich

I came home for my lunch break the other day and there wasn't much food to eat so I threw some frozen vegan chicken nuggets in the oven. While I was waiting for them to cook, I had a stroke of genius: chicken parm!

I sliced up some ciabatta, spooned on a little marinara sauce and sprinkled a little daiya mozzarella and threw that in the oven for the last few minutes that the nuggets were cooking.

When everything was done I layered on the nuggets and smooshed it all together in one ooey gooey nom worthy sandwich.

After I devoured half of it I thought it would be a great MoFo post, but I didn't take any pics, so I made the same thing for lunch the next day :)


  1. Smarty pants!! It looks so good that I bet you are happy you had to make it again for MoFo.

  2. That Looks so Good! Sometimes "nothing in the cabinets make the best meals! :)

  3. Very creative Kylie!!!!!!! Yummmmmmmm!