Friday, April 26, 2013


Last month Tal Ronnan opened a new plant-based restaurant on Melrose in Los Angeles called Crossroads. The vegan community here has been all a-buzz about this place and for good reason! The husband and I and two of our friends went there for a dinner a couple weeks ago and it did not disappoint. Vegan fine dining - AWESOME!

Since the menu consists of small plates, we pretty much ordered one of everything plus the daily specials. It was a great way to try everything out. Here are all the pics and my thoughts on each dish:

I started with a cocktail: Melrose Mule - vodka, ginger beer, lime, cucumber, mint & banana pepper - YUM!!!

First starter: lentil flatbread w/ leek pate, smoked white bean hummus, & tomato braised banana peppers. The white bean was my favorite, so smokey and delicious. The tomato was also very good. The leek I wasn't impressed with.
Second starter: Flatbread w/ Pistachio kalamata tapenade & spicy roasted cauliflower. Really, really good. Salty, nutty and cooked to perfection.

Third starter: Kale Caesar Salad (special menu item) - I have to say one of THE best salads I have ever had.  Crispy kale, creamy dressing and amazing saltiness from capers. 

Spiced Chickpeas: I could have eaten an entire bowl of these. I love me some spice and these had just the right amount.

Red Quinoa: not my favorite. It wasn't bad, just nothing incredibly special about it.

Cassoulet: Another one that was ok. The lentils were not very flavorful, but the veggies on top were really good!

Artichoke Oysters: I'm still thinking about these, I may just order 5 plates of this dish next time I go. So much flavor and very inventive!
"Crab Cakes": Another dish I would order over & over again. With dishes like this, no one needs to eat real seafood. 

Kale Spanakopita: YUM, YUM, YUM!
Risotto Stuffed Banana Pepper: This one looks incredibly, um,  manly.  Beyond that, it was my least favorite dish, the risotto was undercooked and the pepper was WAY too spicy.
Gardein Chicken (special menu item): This was actually really really good even though there wasn't anything super special about it.
Tortelloni: another amazing dish. The almond cheese was to die for.


Chocolate Bundt Cake: it had me at chocolate. Holy crap this was good.

Cappuccino Ice Cream w/ Florentine Cookie: also amazing.

Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta: pretty damn good, though it would not be my normal dessert choice. 

Cookies & almond milk!!
Overall, an amazing dining experience. SO much good food, the service was attentive and friendly and the atmosphere is chic and upscale. I can't wait to go back!


  1. Very cool place, I'll have to check it out sometime and see for myself. Thanks for doing a review though, it gives me a better idea of what's good and what isn't.

  2. Wow, you guys did try a bit of everything!!